Thêatre de Vidy


Quasi Niente (2020)

In the piece by Daria Deflorian and Antonio Tagliarini the question of the place that each person occupies in our society is central. It is questioned through the characters and they seem to cling to who they are also through elements, as in the case of the armchair, the chest of drawers or the wardrobe. These elements link the characters to a reality that soothes them. On several occasions there is talk of night and darkness, these terms reappear in the Wow songs that punctuate the play, notably in Niente Di Speciale and Come La Notte. In this idea, I chose to represent elements of my daily life that bring me back to who I am and in a sense represent the place in which I feel good. Moreover, darkness is also found in the images I propose for this project.